Taiji Tao Retreats with Sarah/Fong Yi

Sarah Tulivu, or Fong Yi, has trained in meditation for the past 11 years. About six of those years were passed living full-time as a monk in a Tao Temple and monastery, training in the Taichi Tao System, also called Temple Style Taichi, from Master Waysun Liao.

She is now sharing the practice with others, mainly in retreats, under the direction of Master Liao, while still in training herself.

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yin yang Taoist symbol

Allowing a thing to emerge, to grow,
to nourish it, yet not possess it,
to work at it, yet not control it,
lead it, yet not dominate it,
This is so called the Great Te.

– Tao Te Ching

Online Taiji, Qigong, sitting meditation sessions

Taiji Tao Sessions are also often streamed on zoom, and via recorded sessions, with Sarah Tulivu. Join the Facebook Group for details. Also, you can find Master Liao’s videos HERE.

Workshops & Retreats

Jan 15 – Feb 24 2023

40 days Taiji Tao Retreat, in Tuscany, with Taiji, Qigong, Sitting Meditation, Sitting Qigong, Opening exercises and more.

(Also possible to participate for less that 40 days)

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Oct – Nov – Dec 2022

Online LIVE Taiji & Qigong Sessions, and in-person classes, from Vienna, about 4 times per week with Sarah Tulivu/Fong Yi. Plus the Long Form taught by Kieran/Tongda twice per week.
*Online recorded course also available if you miss the zoom sessions.

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Last week of October 2022

 In Tuscany, for the third time together:

Taiji&Qigong and sitting meditation with Sarah Tulivu in the mornings, keeping silence till lunch, and contemporary dance and movement exploration with Rosa Valentina Martino in the afternoons, with the caring organizing hand of Jacob.

To book contact: jakob.brunner07@gmail.com

Sept 4-9 2022

5 days of communal living, for a journey inside-out! From Meditation, Taichi & Qigong with Sarah Tulivu, followed by Play-Fight and Dance Improvisation, with Chiara Zompa and Samuel Nicola Fusca’.

TO BOOK: info@50dayscontatdance.com

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August 10-19 2022

Retreat in Ireland, Contact: ronopotamus@ gmail.com
9 days of 6 hours per day of training.
Check Facebook Event, and visit the webpage with all the details from the button below.

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August 5-7 2022

Morning sessions in the Flow Arts Festival, in West cork, Ireland

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July 2022

Weekly sessions in Ikaria, Greece

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June 2022

I will be sharing the Taiji, Qigong, and sitting meditation in Lesbos with refugees and volunteers.

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Taiji Tao & Qigong Retreats


10-15th April

In Tuscany

Tranzform retreat, Taiji, Qigong and sitting in the mornings, contemporary dance in the afternoons, in communal living.

With Sarah Tulivu, and Rosa Valentina.



10 May


At 19:30 (Vienna time)

Join a conversation and sitting session in Mara Conference, with Sarah Tulivu.

You can jump in directly via this zoom-link.



14-15 May

In Vienna,

A weekend intensive with Sarah Tulivu (FongYi) and Kieran O’Connor (Tongda), in-person and streamed.

Join our Facebook group for more info.


27-30 May


With Master Waysun Liao.



In Vienna,

With Kieran/Tongda,

With extra sessions with Sarah Tulivu for the month of September, November & end of December.

Join the Facebook Group for the details.


All of December

In Greece

In Ikaria, with Sarah Tulivu/Fong Yi.

Join the Facebook Group for the details.


7 Jan – 14 Feb

In Tuscany,

Long retreat with communal living in a beautiful big fire-heated house surrounded by nature. With Sarah Tulivu/Fong Yi.



19-26 Feb

Canary Islands

In Tenerife, with Sarah Tulivu/Fong Yi.


Live on Zoom,

With Master Waysun Liao.


3-17 July

Summer Retreat

In Italy, with Sarah Tulivu and Ronan Mcloughlin,

In a beautiful location, followed by a second less intensive week by the sea.


4-5 Sept

In Vienna,

Full immersion weekend with Sarah Tulivu,

in-person and streamed.

All on donation.

Join our Facebook group for more info.


24-29 October

Autumn Retreat

In Tuscany, ITaly.

With Sarah Tulivu, and Rosa Valentina.

sitting meditation
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In Ireland, France, Chicago, Tuscany, Vienna, and Greece.