Taiji Tao Retreats with Sarah/Fong Yi

Sarah Tulivu, or Fong Yi, has trained in meditation for the past 13 years. About six of those years were passed living full-time as a monk in a Tao Temple and monastery, training in the Taichi Tao System, also called Temple Style Taichi, from Taiwanese Master, Waysun Liao.

In 2019 she was advised by Master Waysun Liao and Master Chang to leave the Temple and learn how to carry the meditation practice into everyday life.

They shortly after made her an instructor, asking her to share the practice with those interested who cross her path.

She is now sharing the practice with others, mainly in retreats, under the direction of Master Liao, while still in training herself.

Read more about Sarah HERE, and check out workshops and retreats HERE.

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Online Taiji, Qigong, sitting meditation sessions

Sessions are often streamed on Zoom, and via recorded sessions, we also keep in touch through a WhatsApp group and a  Facebook Group for details. Also, you can find Master Liao’s videos HERE.

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