Taiji Tao Sessions

Taichi, Qigong & Sitting Meditation, with Sarah Tulivu

About the Taiji Tao System

The Taichi Tao approach comes from the mountain monks (Shan Ren) and is often nicknamed “Temple Style Taiji”.

It was brought to the West by Master Waysun Liao, who founded the Taichi Tao Center in Chicago, in 1971.

The Taichi path is a path of going back to the origin, of  investigation into the Self, reconnection to one's deeper nature.

Master Waysun Liao studied from an old wandering Taoist monk in a Tao Temple in his native Taiwan, since he was a child. So the approach is "based in meditation".

Amongst other things, he mostly teaches using Single Form style, or “Dan Tsou” style practice, which breaks down each movement of the long form into smaller motions that we can practice repetitively in a cyclic manner. Allowing us to focus on Qi Awareness, Qi Flow, and work on the internal dimensions in an in-depth manner.

yin yang Taoist symbol

About Sarah/Fong Yi

Sarah Tulivu, or Fong Yi, has trained in meditation for the past 13 years. About six of those years were passed living full-time as a monk in a Tao Temple and monastery, training in the Taichi Tao System, also called Temple Style Taichi, from Taiwanese Master, Waysun Liao.

In 2019 she was advised by two Masters of the tradition (Master Liao, her teacher, and Master Chang) to leave the Tao Temple and venture out, learning how to “make the world her Temple”, carry the practice into everyday life, and share it with those interested who cross her path. 

While still in training herself, she is currently leading retreats and workshops around the world.

Her journey in these arts sprung from her experiences in war-affected areas in East Africa and the Middle East, where she lived from 2007 to 2010, volunteering in humanitarian aid work, and again on and off in 2019-2022 after leaving the Temple.

She continues to explore ways for creative practical solutions for healing and reconciliation, and taking more heart-informed actions.

About the Sessions

Less is more

Sessions are for all levels, and we will be focusing mostly on foundations. I have found that working with foundations is actually a very advanced practice.

Foundations are what hold up everything, it’s where we can work with the core causes of our current condition.

Learning how to listen

We will continuously bring our attention back to the quality of our mind&heart. While working on the forms, body openings, etc.

Through the practice, we will accompany ourselves into a quieter more aware space, learning how to concentrate, how to feel ourselves, and gradually learning how to stay open and present in and with what arises. To ourselves, our hearts, the other, and life around us.