10 Minute Morning Meditations

You will find the meditations below the text. Please read the info, tips and tricks first.

Some info

  • Each meditation will generally have a practice/exercise to carry into the day.
  • I suggest making a commitment to these 10-minute meditations, for 10 days. Like a “10-day challenge”.
  • The recordings are made in the various locations I travel to, so in many there is background noise.
  • I will add more as time goes on.

Wishing you beautiful days.

Sitting posture

Make sure your knees are either at the same height or lower than your hips, you can add a pillow if not. We generally start with sitting with the heels aligned one in front of the other, or a leg over the other, whatever is most comfortable for you for now.
If you sit on a chair, make sure the seat is flat and not to lean on the back of the chair so your back can be straight, feet parallel.
Chin slightly comes back in a relaxed way, looking for an aligned posture

Allow for movement, make sure to not get stuck.

NOTE: You can also follow these meditations in standing posture. (For those who know the details)

The rest you’ll hear in the recordings!

About the videos Below

You can watch them here, to limit distractions, or directly from the Youtube Playlist.

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Before sleeping:

  • Whenever you can, put the phone in airplane mode an hour before sleeping and leave the screen from then on. You can find online numerous studies about the negative effects of the screen’s blue light on our sleep.
  • Sitting 5-10 minutes before sleeping, on the bed, helps me recenter, ground, and sleep better.
    Then I slowly and mindfully lie down and fall asleep doing a simple gentle body scan, letting go of tensions in the different parts of the body, or just stay with my breath in the body letting go.

Waking up:

  • I’d advise setting a quiet relaxing alarm clock, I use a singing bowl. (I downloaded one from the internet.) That way we can wake up more softly and remember that meditation now begins.
  • I’d advise putting an alarm sooner than usual to have enough time for practice, as I find practice is as important as eating and sleeping. — Going to sleep earlier helps.

  • Keeping warm water in a thermos, or just water, to drink as we wake up, I found also helped. (Some add lemon to it) They say that when you sleep, your body naturally loses fluids and electrolytes in several ways.

  • When waking up, make it a first-thing to notice the breath in the lower abdominal area (lower dantien), and notice that there is a commentator commenting on stuff :)), this I found set a color, a direction for the day, and a “habit” of not immediately identifying and getting lost in thought.

  • Very important: Don’t check messages till some time after you are done with practice!
    Just keep the meditations page always open and ready on your computer/device and ignore all else. Then close the device when the recording ended. Stay focused.

    Eating breakfast without being on the phone, to carry the attention and morning practice into the first “doings” of the day, into the tastes and textures of the food, can also be very helpful and healing.

  • I’d advise starting with sitting, then, for those who have practiced Taiji before, follow with Taiji, Qigong/openings… But feel it out, sometimes starting with the Taiji flow is what works best.

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