24-29 October 2021

6 nights – 5 full workshop days

This October, you are invited to join us for a week retreat of Taiji/Taichi & Qigong, in the morning, and Contemporary Dance training, in the afternoon, in Tuscany’s beautiful countryside.

Use this opportunity to deepen your practice with 4-5 hours of practice per day along with periods of silence, healthy food, and free time to relax or explore the beautiful natural surroundings.

Our retreat will be cradled among this beautiful land’s olive groves and rolling green hills, by the old mill and today agri-tourism called Mulino Piermaggiore near the medieval city of Siena, in Italy.

Please contact Jack to register! – Whatsapp/Signal: +43 699 1735 9716  (english, italiano, deutsch)


Taiji (Taichi) and Qigong,
Sitting Meditation,
Some partner practice,

with Sarah Tulivu


Contemporary Dance,

Impro & Mindfulness,

with Rosa V. Martino


Near Siena, in Tuscany, Italy

In Mulino Piermaggiore.



From the 24th to the 29th of October 2021,

6 nights and 5 full workshopdays,

Arrival day: 24th of October
(practice around 2.5 hours in the morning, and 2.5 in the afternoon)


How much?

500 euro, for the accomodation, delicious vegetarian meals and workshops.

Max 12 people, in shared accommodation. Camping possible.



First of all: There will be an open information evening on 3th October, 7pm (cet) via Zoom, with the instructors and the organizer.

How can I book a spot and a room?

To book your spot you need to send 250 Euro deposit. But feel free to send the whole amount at once if it’s easier. You can pay the rest in cash during the retreat.

Please contact Jack to register!

Whatsapp/Signal: +43 699 1735 9716
(English, Italiano, Deutsch)

What about the rooms? And can I camp?

There are five shared rooms for max. 12 people (no single rooms).

It is also possible for 3 people to stay in a tent/camper. The price of the retreat will be 440 Euro then.

For the room assignment please contact Jack.
To have a look at the rooms please check their website.

Do I need a negative Covid test to participate?

Yes, PCR would be best, as recent as possible.

What if the retreat is canceled due to Covid?

All payments will be refunded.

Is it for all levels / age groups?

Yes! We are always beginners in this infinite practice :).

What if I have to cancel because of any reason?

We hope it will not happen 🙂 But please inform Jack then.

Can I come with my child(ren)?

We’d recommend not to, so to keep the focus on the practice. Of course, it depends on the age of the children and the circumstances. Please speak with Jack about it : ).

Can I bring my dog?

Again we’d advise you to have as least distractions as possible to just focus on practice. There is also a dog already living in the mill, and that can be a problem… Please contact Jack in case you don´t have any option to leave the dog somewhere else.

How do I get there?

The next bigger city is Siena (Toscany). There is a bus going from there near to the mill. You can fin directions HERE.

Have a good trip!
Hope to see you there soon 🙂

What should I bring?

• Toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc. all with natural bio/organic ingredients)
• Cash in Euro
• Loose, comfortable clothes, slippers for inside and warm clothes for nights
• Pillow for sitting meditation and yoga mat (Taiji is often practiced with flat comfortable shoes, if you have them. Yoga mate will also do.)
• Foods for those with special dietary needs
• Flashlight

Retreat with:

Rosa Valentina

Rosa Valentina is a dancer, graphic designer and architect based in Vienna.

She deals with social and sustainable projects that combine art, dance and architecture as a push for social change.

Her curiosity about the power of movement led her to a dynamic search among the most varied forms of dance as a way to reconnect ourselves with the world, nature and our bodies through the pleasure of movement.

She is certified DanceAbility® Teacher, a method that dissolves barriers and connects people with and without disabilities through dance and movement (recently recognized as global innovator for inclusion from the UNO).

TrANZ, her first project, is a “Tanz der Resonanz” (Dance of Resonance). Mixing mindfulness, improvisation, imagination and architecture, her practice aims to create awareness on physical sensations to awaken our deepest resources and unlock the endless possibilities of the human being.

“We take time to be curious, listen our bodies and reduce the tensions of everyday life, experiencing movement as a source of healing and vitality.

In continuous flow of movement and breath, improvisation becomes game, a method for learning to know and appreciate ourselves, to accept ourselves and to create inclusive communities through dance.”

Sarah Tulivu

Sarah Tulivu

Sarah Tulivu has been training in Taiji & Qigong and sitting meditation on a daily basis for 11 years. During that time about 6 years were passed in a Tao Temple and monastery, living a full-time monastic lifestyle. 

She was then advised by her main teacher to leave the Tao Temple and carry the practice into the world – as her Temple, sharing the practice with others.

“Carrying the practice in a life outside of the Temple environment has been a wonderful journey, filled with lessons, beauty, friendship and heart. It’s been a blessing and honor to share the practice with some of the most incredible individuals, and I look forward to delving deeper together into the mystery of life.”

“And I look forward to meeting you too, perhaps this October, in beautiful Tuscany! : ). “

Sarah Tulivu
Taiji practitioners group picture
Taiji practitioners group picture