Taiji & Qigong Retreat Ireland

17-26 JULY 2023


25-27 August
weekend intensive in Fumbally!

10 DAYS Retreat of Taiji, Qigong, and Sitting Meditation

Join us in a beautiful light-filled octagonal practice space with wooden floors, set within a nature reserve, at An Sanctóir, in West Cork, Ireland!

Sessions led by Sarah Tulivu (Fong Yi).


The “Taichi Tao” approach comes from the mountain monks and is often nicknamed “Temple-Style Taichi”, so it has a very strong meditation base compared to some other methods you may have encountered so far.


Sarah Tulivu, or Fong Yi has trained in meditation for the past 13 years. Six of those years were passed as a monk in a Tao Temple, in the “Taichi Tao System” (also nicknamed Temple Style), by Master Waysun Liao.
You can read more about what we’ll practice in the retreat here, and more about Sarah here.


How much, where, when


For about 6 hours practice per day, and 3 meals.

(till June 31)

There is a sliding scale to suit different budgets of €490 (For people with economical issues – volounteer spots are also available),  €550 (Regular price), €650 (Supporting price) – if staying in tent, or camper.

After June 31st the prices go up of 50€

You can stay in your tent or camper (included in the prices above) but there are also some beds on-site in private rooms or dorm:

-Private bed €30 per person per night (€25 per night if you attend the full retreat)
-Dorm bed €20 per night per person (€15 per night if you attend the full retreat)


in An Sanctóir, West Cork, Ireland.

The center is situated in 30 acres of beautiful nature reserve, with many paths for nice walks along the river and into the forest, with a wonderful sunset view from the hill above the main house.
(Closest airport: Cork)



ARRIVAL: 17th July- starting at 16:30, opening circle once all arrive, small practice, and dinner. (It’s possible to come days before the 17th if you like)

DEPARTURE: 27th July – with a morning practice, breakfast, and closing circle. So definitively after 12:00pm. It’s possible to stay extra nights on the land.

Participating for fewer days is a possibility.

(But if it’s our first time training with us then best to start from the first day)

yin yang Taoist symbol
yin yang Taoist symbol



7:15                   Waking up bell – with 10 minutes Sitting Meditation
08:00-09:00     Sitting Meditation /Openings
09:15-10:45     Breakfast
10:45-12:45     Taiji&Qigong with some Sitting
12:45-13:15     Self practice
14:30-15:30     Lunch (Silence ends)
16:30-18:30     Taiji & Qigong
20:00                 Dinner
22:30                 Silence begins

We will also do a 15-minute sitting meditation before sleeping, together or each on their own, to fall asleep in style 😉.

 As part of the schedule there will be a Chinese Medicine practitioner offering treatments, a day and a half of silence, and a live Q&A session with Master Waysun Liao.

(Schedule may be adjusted as the days go by) 


Except for during weekends, we will be in silence till lunch each day.

One of the days we will be in silence for one and a half day.

Nature Walks

In the nature reserve surrounding the center, there are plenty of nice paths for walks.


We will have times for talking in a circle together, where who feels can share about their process and experience, we found these very helpful in past retreats, bringing us all closer.


TO BOOK fill in the form below this section

Can I participate for less days?

If you cannot attend the full retreat it is also possible to join for €75 per day. We do ask that you attend from the first day, so we can go through a process together from the start. (If you have participated in retreats before then the start day can be more elastic, but we’d still encourage joining from day one.)

What's the accommodation like?

It is possible to bring your tent or campervan (included in the price listed above)

There is also some beds on site in private rooms or dorm:
-Private bed €30 per person per night (€25 per night if you attend the full retreat)
-Dorm bed €20 per night per person (€15 per night if you attend the full retreat)

Unless you are staying in the room, bring your own bedding, tent, and whatever else you need to make yourself comfortable. 

If coming from outside Ireland, know that even if it’s the end of July, nights can be quite chilly. So bring extra layers!

If you have transport, renting accommodation or Airbnb nearby is also possible. If this option appeals to you we recommend you book soon as it is a busy time of the year.

Are meals vegetarian?

3 vegetarian meals a day will be prepared by our wonderful (and hilarious) kitchen team to keep us all well-nourished. And they will also be practicing with us so the food will be infused with Taiji-ness!

(Last year a hunter gifted us some wild pig, so… that could happen 🙂

What shall I bring?
• Bedding, tent, mat, if not sleeping in the dorm
• Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.)
• Flat indoor shoes for practice if you have them (like the barefoot shoes, that leave space for the toes)
• Foods for those with special dietary needs
• Flashlight
• Notebook and pen
• Euro in cash for possible trips to the sea and surroundings (for ice cream for example)
• Euro in cash if you’d like to receive an acupuncture treatment from Freya (www.freyasherlock.com)
• Loose, comfortable clothes, warm clothes
Chinese Medicine Treatments on campus

Like last year, we will have a wonderful practitioner on campus that will be offering consultations and treatments during the retreat, Freya Sherlock. www.freyasherlock.com

She practices acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Tuina physical therapy. If you’d like treatments or you would like to address your health in some way during the retreat, please contact her to make a booking – limited slots are available. On +353 86 1273148.

If having a treatment, bring some extra cash in euro (maybe bank transfer is also an option).

Any other questions?

+353 860621471


An Sanctóir, West Cork, Ireland

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Less is more

Sessions are for all levels, and we will be focusing mostly on foundations. I have found that working with foundations is actually a very advanced practice.

Foundations are what hold up everything, it's where we can work with the core causes of our current condition.

Learning how to listen

We'll be consistently coming back to the quality of one's attention. While applying that work on the forms, body openings, etc.

Through the practice, we will accompany ourselves into a quieter more aware space, learning how to pay attention, how to feel ourselves, and gradually learning how to stay open and present in and with what arises. To ourselves, our hearts, the other, and life around us.

About the Taiji Tao approach

The Taiji/Taichi Tao approach comes from the mountain monks (Shan Ren) and is often nicknamed “Temple Style Taiji”. But as Master Liao always says: It's just Taiji.

The Taichi path is a path of going back to the origin, of  investigation into the Self, reconnection to one's deeper nature.

It was brought to the West by Master Waysun Liao, who founded the Taichi Tao Center in Chicago, in 1971.

He studied from an old wandering Taoist monk in a Tao Temple in his native Taiwan, since he was a child. So the approach is "based in meditation".

Amongst other things, including sequence work, he mostly teaches using Single Form training, or “Dan Tsou” style practice, which breaks down each movement of the long form into smaller motions that we can practice repetitively in a cyclic manner.

yin yang Taoist symbol

Retreat with:

Sarah Tulivu

Sarah Tulivu / Fong Yi will be leading the sessions. She has been training in Taiji & Qigong and sitting meditation on a daily basis for about 13 years. During that time about 6 years were passed in a Tao Temple and monastery, where she trained as a monk. 

She was then advised by her main teacher, Master Waysun Laio and Master Chang to leave the Tao Temple and carry the practice into life in the world – as her Temple, sharing the practice with those interested who cross her path.

Rónan McLoughlin

Rónan McLoughlin (Hao Tong), is our main organizer. He will also be available if in need of an inspirational quote, humor, or practical and unpractical questions.

Ronan is originally from Ireland, he is a movement artist and fire performer, and began his journey into Taiji 10 years ago, also studying in the tradition of Master Waysun Liao. 

“In my experience of Taiji, we explore the most basic foundations of ourselves, not through concepts but through our direct experience. 

We learn how to engage with that base structure from which we experience and through which we live. 

By making adjustments to the foundations we find that things naturally change. We don’t have to force change but we put certain causes into effect and we find that our experience naturally changes.

So rather than getting lost in inner conflict and resistance to how things are, we go towards the root and we “tweak” the underlying structure. These changes ripple through our system and we find that our experience of life is different.”

The cooks

Eadaoin and Richard will be our chefs, fourth time cooking delicious nourishing food for a Taiji retreat together!

They are hilarious, insightful and loving beings, and they will be also participating in the retreat’s Taiji, Qigong and meditation sessions. : )