Taiji & Qigong


3-10 July 2021 | in Italy

10-17 July 2021 | by the sea

Taiji Tao Immersion

This July you are invited to join us for 1-2 weeks of Taiji & Qigong training in the beautiful Italian countryside

From the 3rd-10th July immerse yourself in the practice for a week intensive of Taiji, Qigong and sitting meditation. 

Use this opportunity to deepen your practice with over 5 hours of practice per day along with periods of silence, healthy food and free time to relax or explore the beautiful natural surroundings.

We encourage participants to partake in a digital detox and leave their devices off and reconnect with a simpler more natural way of being.

Our retreat will be cradled among this beautiful land’s olive groves and rolling green hills, in a magical peaceful haven, with an amazing practice space overlooking the valley.

The retreat will be followed by a second more relaxed week (11th-17th July) in another location, for those who would like to stay on and enjoy a more holiday-like time by the sea together while still practicing a couple of times per day. 

We will decide the exact location once we know how many we are, and expenses will be split between attendees. The second week is only for those who have participated in the first week. 

The second week will include 2 person/partner practice!

What’s included

Intensive Practice

Taiji and Qigong,
Sitting Meditation,
Opening and loosening exercises,
Times of silence,
Internet/Digital detox : ),

Led by experienced practitioners,
Over 5 hours of training per day…

…while still leaving the afternoon hours free to rest, relax by the pool, or go on excursions to the waterfall & beautiful surroundings. : )

A beautiful location

A magical setting in the midst of Italian countryside and forests,

Comfortable rooms in the heart of nature designed with an ecological touch,

Beautiful practice space that overlooks the valley,

The grounds are lush and abundant, with a natural spring, gardens, pond and beautiful swimming pool, 

A peaceful, rustic property ideal for spiritual practice.

How to get there?

Nourishing cuisine

Fully catered, by  a freelance chef, so you can focus on the practice and be free to relax or explore as you choose.

Morning tea and fruit,
Vegetarian brunch and dinner,
Afternoon snacks,
Self-service tea, coffee and water.

Friday dinner excursion to the pizzeria (not included in price),

The chef is also able to cater for gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan diets, and some allergies if notified in advance.

Retreat schedule




6:00 – 6:30            Tea & snacks available for who wants

6:30 -7:00              Sitting meditation /or body opening and loosening

7:00 – 8:30            Taiji & Qigong

8:30 – 9:30             Silent tea and fruit

9:00 – 11:00           Taiji & Qigong

11:00 – 11:30         Sitting/lying meditation  

11:30 – 12:00         Pass some quiet time alone to journal/take notes, self-practice, contemplate…


12:30 – 13:30ish     Lunch

12:30 – 15:30        Time to swim & chill by the pool, go to walks together in nature, to the waterfall, …

Tea, coffee and snacks available throughout the afternoon.

15:30 – 16:00        Sitting meditation /or Qigong


17:30 – 18:30        Taiji and Qigong    

19:00 – 20:00        Dinner

21:00 – 21:30        Sitting meditation



To make it as accessible as possible, we just ask for the expenses to be covered, the below prices are the minimum contribution to cover costs. We ask that participants donate to cover the time & teaching of the instructors. Suggested donation 100 to 1million per person ;).

THE PRICE BELOW INCLUDES all healthy meals made by freelance chef, tea, snacks, filtered water, accommodation, towels and bedding, yoga and meditation equipment, access to poolside kitchen with fridge, and more…

Shared Room

Shared with 1 or 2 people.

If a shared room is booked and there is no one to share, the shared price will apply.

€695 each

(Total price for the week, including meals and all listed above.)

Single Room

All the room to yourself.

€895 each

(Total price for the week, including meals, and all listed above)


Bell Tent / Camper

Like camping but a bit more comfortable.

Tent: Toilet is 60m away, it’s lit by solar lighting. No electricity.

Camper: Designed with natural materials, electricity allows for lighting or a fan.

Single Use:

€695 each

Used by couple:

€650 each

(Total price for the week, including meals, and all listed above)



What if the retreat is canceled

due to Covid 19?

If the retreat has to be canceled, all payments will be refunded. If new quarantine laws are introduced, if we have to quarantine 1-2 weeks at arrival, in Austria or Italy, then the retreat will be canceled and all money will be refunded.

Do we need a negative Covid test to participate?

Yes 🙂

Can I be refunded if I am tested covid positive just before the retreat?

First, we advise you to try and be extra careful during the period preceding the retreat. DON’T GET COVID! 😉

In the case you get tested positive just before the retreat, we can refund you the second part of the payment, and we’ll do our best to refund you of the deposit as well, as long as we got enough people to cover our costs.

The retreat center strongly recommends getting an insurance that will cover loss of pre-paid travel and accommodation expenses in case of being tested covid positive. They can provide the receipt for the insurance company.

Either way, if you cannot attend due to Covid we will send you a week long package of online training you can do during your quarantine.

Is it for all levels?

Yes! We are all always beginners in this infinite practice. 🙂 Whether you have never practiced before or you are an experienced practitioner we can all benefit from a period of intensive practice.

How can I reserve my place?

To book your spot you need to send a €300 deposit. But feel free to send the whole amount at once if it’s easier. Just fill in the form below.

The full payment should be sent by the 1st of June. To book after the 1st of June will require the full payment.

You can pass your booking to a friend anytime, if you change your mind about participating. Covid refunds apply as mentioned here in FAQ.

What Should I Bring?

  • Flashlight,
  • Toiletries (like shampoo) 
  • Cash in euro for excursions, snacks, and the Friday dinner out. (ATMs are 3km away and some places don’t take card)
  • Loose, comfortable clothes,
  • Flip flops, a beach towel, sunscreen and bathing suit for the pool,
  • Shoes for walks,
  • Mosquito repellent, 
  • Foods for those with special dietary needs. (Though the chef can accommodate special diets and allergies if told in advance.)

How do I get there?

Here are the directions.

Book Now

To book the spot we will need a 300 euro deposit, we will send you the bank details to your email : ). Check the refund policy in FAQ

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Retreat with:

Sarah Tulivu

Sarah Tulivu, or Fong Yi, (her ordained name), has trained Taiji/Taichi, Qigong, and sitting meditation for the past 9 years intensively within the tradition of Taiwanese Master Waysun Liao. During that time, 5 years were passed living a full-time monastic life in a Tao Temple. Before that, she trained in the Buddhist tradition for 2 years in Nepal, sitting or serving a silent meditation retreat each month and practicing daily in between. About a year and a half ago she was advised to leave the Temple and learn how to carry the practice into everyday life, while sharing it with those interested. She was then made an instructor by Master Liao, and is sharing the practice around Europe and the Middle East, and now online.

Rónan McLoughlin

Rónan McLoughlin (Hao Tong) began his journey into Taiji 9 years ago. 

A self described “cause and effect-ist” his love for the art of Taiji has only deepened as he has experienced the profoundly positive impact it has had upon his life.  

Through his earlier explorations as a movement artist and fire performer, he became fascinated with how we learn and how to optimize the learning experience. This work led him to teach and perform around the world for the past 20 years.

Based in his home in Ireland, Rónan continues his study of Taiji and the internal arts and encouraged by Master Liao he shares the practice with any that are interested.

“In my experience of Taiji we explore the most basic foundations of ourselves, not through concepts but through our direct experience. 

We learn how to engage with that base structure from which we experience and through which we live. 

By making adjustments to the foundations we find that things naturally change. We don’t have to force change but we put certain causes into effect and we find that our experience naturally changes.

So rather than getting lost in inner conflict and resistance to how things are, we go towards the root and we “tweak” the underlying structure. These changes ripple through our system and we find that our experience of life is different.”

Retreat Week One

3-10 July 2021, Italy. Intensive immersion in the practice.

(Chill) Retreat Week Two

10-17 July 2021, for people who have participated to the first week. (A more holiday-like time together by the sea, while practicing a couple of times together, including partner practice!)